Are you maximising your income tax relief?

15th August 2023

Did you know that tax relief is available on personal contributions made to your pension?

For 2023, the maximum amount of net relevant earnings/remuneration on which tax relief can be claimed is €115,000

The maximum contribution rate – including both AVCs and ordinary employee contributions – on which you can receive income tax relief is determined by your age.

The table below explains the maximum contributions available for each age category.

Please note that these limits apply only to employee pension contributions. Company pension contributions can be paid in addition.


Age Maximum Contribution

(% of Taxable Earnings)

Maximum Contribution in 2023

(Using earnings cap of €115,000)

< 30 years 15% €17,250
30>39 years 20% €23,000
40>49 years 25% €28,750
50>54 years 30% €34,500
55>59 years 35% €40,250
60 years or over 40% €46,000


Have you taken advantage of full tax relief for 2022?

If you haven’t yet used the full income tax relief available for the 2022  tax year, you can do so by making a lump sum Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) by the end of October 2023 (or a date in November 2023 if you make an online tax return) and claiming income tax relief from the Revenue Commissioners.


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