The Week Ahead 29.01.2024

The Week Ahead 29.01.2024

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↗ Overall it was a positive week in markets, with global equities up 1.5% largely attributable to the strong GDP data released in the US for Q4.

↗ US equities across the board were up as a result however the latest GDP print takes pressure off the Federal Reserve to start cutting rates.

↗ In the EU, the ECB kept the base interest rate constant at 4.5% but did signal that underlying inflation concerns were easing throughout the bloc. It helped spark a further rally in the US dollar relative to the Euro whilst sovereign debt yields (10 year) remained relatively unchanged.

↗ The main talking points this week will be the Federal Reserve interest rate call on the 31st followed by Non-Farm payroll and unemployment rate data on the 2nd. Microsoft (30th), Alphabet (30th) and Apple (1st) will all post their quarterly earnings this week.


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