European Elections 2024: What could they mean for Ireland?

Webinar: European Elections 2024: What could they mean for Ireland?


In what could be a defining moment at the ballot box for Europe, the European Elections take place early next month. With dynamic shifts in political leanings and a potential far-right surge of “anti-European” parties, join our webinar on Thursday, May 30th for a discussion that will bring you closer to the rapidly changing political and economic landscape and the potential implications for your financial decisions.

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Kate Candon, Chief Marketing Officer at Unio in conversation with Mike O'Sullivan, Director and Strategic Adviser at Unio.

About Mike O'Sullivan

Author of "The Levelling - What Next After Globalisation", Mike O'Sullivan chairs the Unio Global Macro Council, the Unio Investment Committee, and is a director at Unio. Mike has over twenty years’ experience in global financial markets, most recently as CIO at Credit Suisse Wealth and is an expert in European financial policy working with a number of European fintech firms.

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Date: Thursday, 30 May, 2024

Time: 11:00 to 11:30 am

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