The Week Ahead 04.03.2024

Check out the Unio Weekly View for the week beginning the 4th March, 2024.

The Unio Weekly View: 04 03 2024 from Unio on Vimeo.

This week in summary:


↗ Chart of the Week: The Bitcoin spot price hit its highest level since 2021 last week, breaking the $60,000 mark. Current market risk appetite is at elevated levels and increased investor allocations to cryptocurrency, following the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs over the last number of months, may be playing a role.

↗ Macro: ECB makes an interest rate call on the 7th. The expectation is that the rate stays at 4.5% despite weak economic fundamentals in the bloc coupled with market expectations of up to 6 rate cuts this year.

↗ Earnings: All the mega-cap names have now been reported, however, there are still some recognisable names with releases this week. Two of the largest American retailers, Target and Costco will announce their earnings on the 5th and 7th respectively. On the 7th tech giant Oracle will post its quarterly results.

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