The Week Ahead 08.01.2024

The Week Ahead

The Unio View in 60 Seconds: Week beginning 8th January 2024 from Unio on Vimeo.


As 2024 begins, Q4 earnings season takes the spotlight. The big banks will kick things off with the world’s largest bank, JP Morgan posting their Q4 results on the 12th. On the same day, The Bank of America will also post its quarterly earnings. Although M&A activity across the board had been muted in 2023, analysts will be keen to see net interest income revenue growth given the backdrop of a high-interest rate economy. Additionally, they will be keeping an eye out for a potential rise in bad loans. The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock will also post its Q4 earnings on the 12th.

Chart of the Week

Last week, US debt broke the $34Tr mark, resulting in interest payments of $2bn per day and the equivalent of $101k per person. At record highs, questions will continue to be asked. How high can it go and how long is it sustainable?


chart of week 090124


Weekly global equities chart, tracking the performance of major stock markets.

equities 090124


Monitoring the fluctuations in bond yields across international markets.

bonds 090124

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